Food and Water (Photo Blog/SlideShow)

I had received it sometime ago. It was originally in an strange PowerPoint format. It had a heart-touching impressive message in English and Chinese (may be).  But I didn’t know what was to be done with it. Some days ago while scanning through my documents, I decided to post this on my blog. Post a PowerPoint in a blog? I am a occasional rookie blogger and I didn’t know how this could be shared on a blog. The best option I came up was the idea of uploading JPEG images. For that I first converted the PowerPoint to Pdf. Pdf was converted to Word and images copied from Word were saved via Paint in JPEG format. Finally the irksome uploading of 50 images with the fast internet connection like ours took  just 2 days :). I don’t know how the continuous stretch of 50 images would look like in a blog.

Update: And the preview shows that it can be shown as a slideshow. So, no more hassles of uploading JPEG images. WordPress is really a cool blogging site! 🙂

I feel that the message is worth sharing. I leave it to you.

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