Nostalgic Last Moments

It was 21st July 2009 when we landed on this Pearl City. First impression?….it was absolutely fine coming out of world class Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. But things turned nightmare when we went on to make area around Secunderabad Railway Station- our temporary home. People-the rush everywhere, buses-the big ugly ones, unsystematic, unorganized- the hustle and bustle of big city, made me fret. Had I made a better choice with Hyderabad? Was a second thought necessary? These questions were left unanswered for the last two years. Looking back, I have got my answers correct now that can be summed up in a sentence-Hyderabad was a life changing experience!

Alien to the City

I didn’t have slightest idea about the city except that it belonged to South India & the heroes usually have big moustaches (lol.. no offense though as it has become a trend in B’wood taking the cue from South). Ok, yes I was saying- I was an alien to the city. I felt the same way when we landed on Hyderabad the very first day. It was like a big spaceship landing on a big exotic land. I also didn’t have any idea about this particular language called telegu (script looks something like Arabic-but runs left to right). My perception about the language down south was tamil only. I also happened to see some of the greatest telegu movies like Arundhati & Happy days. I learnt some telegu too, was still learning but I had to stop one fine day when one of my friend questioned-‘telegu ladki patana hai kya?’ was a big hit! But, I didn't like it.

Big APSRTC Buses

They are environment friendly in nature compared to smaller vehicles but life was not easy with them. The good thing about them were- they were run by the state government, had the ticket system (sometimes without ticket will do if u are lucky enough,, were on time & had definite bus bays. The unconventional one  was that you  should manage to get down or get up in a moving bus sometimes. And also these were too crowdy. I used to get lost somewhere in the the ruck while getting out. I, therefore had to opt for a two wheeler. One of the thing that I find interesting with these buses was the reservation of the front rows for the ladies. (just remember the microbus conductors back home who would  be pleased  to take passengers on lap…hehe!). One day on a way to my college, I got up on the bus from the front door as I couldn’t get up from the crowdy door behind. The ladies gazed on me, so did the driver. He started chiding at me in telegu & I had to get down on the next stop only to join the crowd behind.

Local buses wont be this much good, don't mind.


Among places, Chandigarh looked like a well engineered modern city. Simla was fun except that I felt giddy with the serpentine hilly track. Banglore & Delhi were so-s0 but I was intrigued by the archaic beauty of Mysore. Hyderabad is always beautiful no matter what it is. It’s hot here but it didn’t matter much when people have devised means to combat it. People usually wake up the whole night & sleep in the early morning. I will perhaps miss this (not a good habit though…got weight with such slothful habit  yar!). I will also miss speaking 3 different languages-english, hindi (hyderabadi) & nepali along with a bit of telegu  in different circumstances.

Mysore got it's name from this demon.


There are good people everywhere. There are bad people everywhere. (…can’t say exactly which group do I belong to :P). Ya, it was nice to meet different varieties of people. I always had good rapport with the foreigners especially from the Arab world. We have just heard about their bourgeois societies but that’s only a small speck in an entire ocean. We have not heard about their benevolence, tolerance & graciousness. I am also really fond of my south Indian friends & have been blown away with their simplicity. The way of life here was no different than it was in Nepal, sometimes even easier. I will even remember the people from the grocer to panipuriwallahs, vegetable vendor’s to autorickshawwallahs. It’s astounding when people back home have so much of anti India sentiments, but during our farewell I couldn’t stop myself saying-‘India is just like my second home!’ (malai bharatiya dalal bhanlan bhanne dar chha feri..).

Yes, there were ‘other’ types of people as well. As somebody has rightly said -‘the tragedy of the modern world is that stupid people are full of confidence & intelligent ones are full of confusions. It is an irony that the laziest bones usually lecture on hard work & the most shameless failures have tips of success. I have met up with many such people & learnt with them. I learnt because it’s a human nature to propel forward when we find people lagging behind. And we don’t need to worry about our foes because I heard some days before-‘Success is the best revenge’.

This is the place in India I visited most 😛

Learning Experience

I must aver that every moment I spent here was a great learning experience. I have always believed that there remains a reason for every occurrence in our life. I had my share of ups & downs. I slammed a car with my two wheeler the very first day to college & went on to learn bike. I used to have violent encounters with one of my teachers during early days. I had to prove myself to somebody & I did finally. Thus I learnt respect. He was not a professor or a big academics but he will remain as one of my most adorable teachers. I made friends from different countries, had acquaintance with their culture & learnt friendship. I missed friends & relatives back home & learnt what love is. I also loved my own disposition that I belong to Nepal & I am a Nepali.

I will miss u guys 😦

Nostalgic Last Moments

I owe a lot to Hyderabad. It’s the place where I have learnt, laughed, played, enjoyed, loved, hated, succeed, failed & lived life in total. Finally it’s time to leave. I am having mixed feelings. I am excited to go back because I will be celebrating Dashain with friends, families & relatives after missing it for two whole years. It is also perturbing because the chances are slim that I will meet all my Osmania friends together again. I have become insomniac since last few days. I have been just collecting pictures, making videos & writing blogs.  I am distressed.  I am suffering from severe nostalgia.


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